Our Firefly ZEN Refillable Aromatherapy Oil Lamp burns 48+ hours. Use the Oil Lamp with a Home Fragrance, Essential Oil or Unscented. We Suggest Burning Odorless, Smokeless Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil.

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Manufacturer Description

Our PATENTED Zen Glass Oil Warmer Aromatherapy Lamp is made of hand-blown glass. We call the glass shelf that sits below the rim, the "AROMA DECK". This is where you can safely drip your essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense or home fragrance oils without fear of burning them. When adding fragrance or essential oils, be sure the wick is not burning.The Aroma Deck temperature reaches approximately 110 degrees. The heat from the aluminum wick collar warms and "throws" the fragrance. It's easy to change the scent, simply wipe out with a paper towel.

The candle flame is also protected by the integrated wind shield. Now you can use the candle outdoors without the wind blowing it out.

Please note, the aroma deck does not get as hot as a tea light warmer and, therefore, the scent may be lighter.

The refillable candle holds approximately 8 oz. of fuel. We also include an easy-fill funnel.

The Zen uses a Firefly 2.6mm cotton wick (included). Replacements are available on Amazon.

The Firefly aromatherapy candle is very economical. It is a new twist on the traditional liquid candle and is a great alternative to Berger oil lamps. We suggest using Firefly Candle & Lamp Oil. Purchase multiple scents and use in a single reusable liquid candle. It is an eco-friendly alternative to wax and disposable oil candles and fuel cells.

RECOMMENDED LAMP OIL We recommend using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil, Paraffin Lamp Oil or Safe & Green because all are designed to burn very cleanly producing virtually no soot, smoke or odor. If you choose another brand, please select a high-quality pure liquid paraffin oil as best you can. You want a combustible fuel, NOT A FLAMMABLE fuel. NEVER USE KEROSENE, ACETONE, ALCOHOL, GASOLINE or PAINT THINNER or vegetable oil. A combustible fuel requires a wick to burn. A flammable fuel will ignite by touching fire to it.

Product Features

Hand blown, Single-Piece Glass Oil Lamp Including Wick, Aluminum Collar and a Small Plastic Funnel for Easy Refilling - Diameter: 2-3/4. The oil lamp uses a 2.6mm wick. Replacement wicks which can be purchased on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PUX3IOC. Aromatherapy Deck for Essential Oils (lavender, our favorite) or Home Fragrances plus Wind Protection. Only use 4 to 6 drops. Adding too much is wasteful and may overflow the Aroma Deck and mix with the oil. If that happens, no worries, simply continue to use. Please note, the aroma deck does not get as hot as a tea light burner and, therefore, the scent may not be as heavy. You can also color your oil using Firefly Lamp Oil Dye. The dye pack contains 3 primary colors Ð red, blue & yellow. Now you can create any color lamp oil you desire - purple, aqua, green, lavender, pink, etc. 2-1/2-inch Diameter by 4-inch Height. The fuel capacity is about 8 ounces. We suggest using Firefly paraffin lamp oil or Firefly CLEAN lamp oil. In-house testing shows Firefly CLEAN fuel lasts significantly longer than our paraffin and is less expensive. Paraffin lamp oil will, in general, provide 6+ hours of burn time per ounce of fuel. And, the lower the wick above the collar, the longer the burn time. For more information about the proper fuels to use, read the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION below. Fuel Capacity: About 8 oz. The refillable aromatherapy candle makes the perfect unique gift for women, teens and even men. A special, quality gift for under $30 is hard to find and who would not love an eco-friendly refillable candle.

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